The Defenders

2007 Reunion Pictures

"What a wondeful evening", "It was great to see so many people", "The hall looked fantastic"

You knew something was special when you walked in. The hall was decorated with a complete set of the 1977 blue, yellow & white bullet flags hung from the ceiling. As you walked into the hall there were 16 photos from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, blown up to poster size on display on easels around the room, and as you walked around the corner there were replicas of each uniform the Defenders wore during their 25-year history. Valve rotor horns, CYO flags, shakos, corps jackets, pins, A Premier snare drum with north toms, and flag silks brought back so many memories to the 170+ people that attended the Saturday evening event.

After dinner everyone watched a 33-minute slideshow complete with video, corps music, over 100 pictures and memories even the best of us forgot about. It was a wonderful way to kick off the introductions of Joe Drolette, the Defenders founder in 1957 and Al King, both who gave over a decade of their lives in running "our" corps.

The rest of the evening was catching up with old friends, laughter, smiles, and a few tears as the evening ended at 12 midnight. The reunion reconnected so many people with old friends. Cell phones and email will keep them in contact for years to come.


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