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Our Beginning

  November 18, 2007 was our first rehearsal. There was a little anticipation wondering if people were really going to do this. We were pleasantly surprised that we had 23 brass players at rehearsal. Yes some of us are getting back into it and others have been playing regularly but we sounded better than any of us thought. We played through the warm up, Maybe, as well as Solitaire, which the corps played for three seasons.

December's rehearsal was cancelled due to an ice storm.

January 20th was our next rehearsal. We had 32 horns at that rehearsal and after reviewing what we did in sectionals we started learning the opener, Divergents. We had a few people watching and a few not with us due to family commitments but by the end of the rehearsal we were playing through 3 full songs and even started to learn She's Not There, our 4th musical number.

We have alumni from all three decades the Defenders were in existence. We are also joined by players from Boston Crusaders, Crossmen, St. Kevin's Emerald Knights, 27th Lancers, Pembroke Imperials, Braintree Warriors, White Eagles, Star of Indiana, Jeanettes, Phoenix, Sharpshooters, St. Agnus Arlington, St. Thomas Aquinas, North Star, Marksmen, Blessed Sac and many other drum corps and CYO bands .

We concluded our first year performing at the Plymouth Alumni Concert on November 22nd. We marched 4 parades, performed 2 standstill concerts and finished the year with over 50 brass players. Come on down and check it out.


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